Preserve,  respect,  improve.

The Euro-Holds Group is passionate about nature and the environment. One of the main challenges when designing the climbing holds factory and the production process was trying to minimise environmental impact.

From the start we adopted procedures designed to help reduce the amount of materials and energy required by the production process, as well as keeping waste material to a minimum. At the same time we ensure protection for our employees from hazardous/dangerous materials or products like solvents and other chemicals.

The implementation of these measures has resulted in the total amount of waste generated at our factory representing less than 1% of production material, and once classified and packaged, they are disposed of by a specialized waste treatment company.

Where possible our holds incorporate a hollow-back system to reduce the amount of overall material required.

Our packaging process, even for large international shipments, uses 100% recycled materials. Starting with the Kraft outer cases, followed by the protection foam and bags.

We aim to keep the effects of our manufacturing process on the environment and our neighbourhood as low as possible. Meanwhile our company continues to invest in research and development in the search for 100% eco material.

Our future depends on it.


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