HITOHOLDS was born in 2010 with the aim of create our own brand of climbing holds. With our effort and illusion, we have managed to see our holds in the best climbing gyms in the world.

As a member of the group EURO-HOLDS, where quality is a standard and always working in betting in innovation and development, we use the best polyurethane.

The Polyurethane formula, Europur polyurethane, what we are using is directly developed for Climbing Hold producing. We have spent many years increasing the lifetime and the color brightness of our products keeping our prices as they are.

Our catalogue is always changing; currently we provide more than 1700 different shapes. Find out our set of climbing holds, most of all know our families, with that you can setter complete problems with different degrees of difficulty.

Our goal is that you can enjoy climbing with our climbing holds, like we enjoy designing the best new shapes.

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